Infinity DAO

Diamond Chain

What is the Diamond Chain?

Diamond Chain (DC) is the profit sharing model pioneered by the Infinity team with the integration of Web 3.0 technology. It consists of 84 nodes in InDAO v1.0 and each will be sold at the price of 43 BNB.
DC holders are like shareholders of the project, they participate in the profit sharing plan.
Privilege to be DC holders:
  • Share 5% of the DAO income evenly with other DC holders on a monthly basis.
  • Receive a portion of 7% of the DAO income based on their monthly performance.
  • Earn 10% commission when someone purchases a bond through node binding invitation.
  • Receive InDAO identity NFT to participate in the profit sharing of Supermarket, which will be launched in InDAO v2.0.
Genesis nodes will also be released at the same time. DC holders are allowed to recruit Genesis Chain (GC) globally, each of which is an independent community.